January 12, 2021

The Essentials Your Side Hustle or New Business Needs

Show Notes

People are starting businesses left and right lately, and if you have a business, a pretty common question you’ll get as an entrepreneur from want-to-be entrepreneurs is “how’d you do it?” That’s a loaded question because there are infinite answers! In today’s episode we’re walking through our recommendations for what you need to get started when you’re side hustling, and the essentials you need when you’re ready to take your business full-time. 

For the Side Hustlers

Maybe you’re working full-time, you’ve got a passion, and you’re wanting to test the waters and see if this is for you – here’s what we recommend getting set up within your business if you’re side hustling:

Social media platforms to promote your business and work (bonus points if you also get an online portfolio/website set up)


Legal business entity (such as an LLC) along with your EIN for tax purposes

Business checking/savings, and some form of accounting (even if it’s a spreadsheet you’re keeping yourself)

Invoicing software and/or contract signing software

For the Full-Time Business Owners

If you’re officially making the transition into being a full-time business owner, here are the essentials we recommend setting up in your business now to avoid issues later down the road:

Everything listed previously!

CRM Platform
Both of us currently use Honeybook, and this also doubles as our invoicing and contract signing software. Click here to get 50% off your first year with Honeybook!

Workflow processes and a project management software
Anneliese prefers to use Asana, and Georgia is a big fan of Trello (but has been toying with Clickup lately!). Some people do utilize their CRM platform for project management as well.

A website, including a portfolio of your work and client testimonials
If you’re DIYing, Georgia recommends building on WordPress using SiteGround hosting and the Elementor visual builder. She’s also a big fan of Showit! Or, you make your life easier and trust a professional – click here to set up a free consultation with Georgia about your custom website project.

Brand strategy and branding, or at least a consistent look and feel
If you need a helping hand, Anneliese just so happens to own an agency that offers this (and more!) – you can set up a free consultation with her here.

Brand photos
These can be DIY or professional…but please just have something! Stock photos can only cut it for so long. People buy from people, so get comfy with putting your face out there a bit!

Email marketing
We use Flodesk for the podcast email marketing, and within our own businesses! This is a visual drag and drop email builder that’s incredibly user-friendly. Click here for 50% off your Flodesk subscription – that’s just $19/month for unlimited subscribers, which isn’t too shabby.

Please note that this post does contain affiliate links, and we may receive a commission if you choose to purchase through any of the links provided! We only recommend tools, platforms, etc. that we actually use within our businesses.

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The Essentials Your Side Hustle or New Business Needs

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