Current Subject: Corporate Horror Stories

Looking for Submissions - Per The Contract


Current Subject: Corporate Horror Stories

Looking for Submissions - Per The Contract


Do you have a story to tell that’s so good you know everyone would get a laugh out of it?

I’ll go first; I once had a manager yell at me because I used too many sticky notes. She told me that instead of appearing cluttered I’d only be able to move up at the company if I looked professional, organized, and used less sticky notes. Ridiculous, right? Yup and I haven’t spoken to that manager since I quit corporate.

The Per The Contract story episodes are meant for you to tell your story (completely anonymously), and get a good laugh at other stories.

Once a month I’ll be releasing these story episodes on a particular subject all about those WTF moments that pop up in corporate, business, and everyday life (Think corporate horror stories, bad managers, horrible clients, etc). Submit your story based on the subject (I’ll be updating frequently) below for a chance for me to read it on an upcoming podcast episode! Can’t wait to read your submissions!

If you have any specific questions, send a DM on IG @perthecontract


Recording in August the first story episode is all about corporate horror stories. Have a bad manager, a tricky boss, or even a nasty co-worker? I want to hear about it and read them on the podcast so everyone can have a good laugh and a “WTF, did that really happen?” moment. Submit anonymously below!

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