July 27, 2021

Starting a Business During the Pandemic with Sahreen Quadir, founder/CEO of Boss Up With Sahreen

Show Notes

Sahreen Quadir started her business, Boss Up With Sahreen, after being let go during the pandemic. Rather than finding another job and being unfulfilled, she took the risk of taking her side hustle full time. Sahreen talks about her perseverance of how she grew up in the Bronx, her passion for helping people become self-sufficient, and how she provides solutions for women to become successful. 

Sahreen is a trained Leadership & Business Coach and has researched & mastered how to be a Boss while maintaining a healthy well-being. Her top priority for her clients?  Helping them build confidence, obtain clarity, accomplish their goals, and apply their already thriving skill set to their business.

Tune into this episode to learn more about Sahreen and how you can Boss Up your business.

Guest: Sahreen Quadir

Guest Website: https://bossupwithsahreen.com/

Guest Social Media Links:

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