March 30, 2021

How We Started Our Podcast

Show Notes

Since Per the Contract has been around for about six months now, we figured we’d help out some future podcasters and share exactly how we started our podcast and how much we spend to keep it running!

If you’re considering starting a podcast, here’s an outline of how we got started:

Determine your why

  • What topics will your podcast cover?
  • Why do you want to have a podcast? Are you using it for your business, or is it purely a personal hobby?

Figure out what style content your podcast will have

  • Solo episodes, dual episodes, guest interviews, etc.
  • Think longterm – Do you want to monetize your podcast with ads? Partnerships? 

Figure out what tools and software you need – here’s what we use:

  • Recording equipment
    • Georgia has a Blue Yeti Nano microphone and Anneliese has a Blue Snowball microphone.
  • Recording software
    • We use Zoom so we can see everyone during interviews, and then we use the audio recording from each call too!
  • Audio editing software
    • Anneliese uses Final Cut Pro to edit each episode.
  • Publishing platform
    • We use Anchor (it’s free!) to publish our podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.
  • Social media graphics
    • We use Canva to create our social graphics, and Sprout Social for social media management.
  • Email marketing
    • We use Flodesk for our email marketing.
  • Website fees (if you don’t already have a website platform)
    • We chose to make an actual website for the podcast specifically, and then we also reshare the blog content to our individual sites; we use WordPress with Elementor and SiteGround.

Determine your budget

  • The biggest question to ask is if you’ll be outsourcing anything!
    • We don’t currently outsource anything, so our costs are relatively low (be sure to listen to the episode if you want an exact breakdown of our monthly and yearly costs for running the podcast).

Make a publishing schedule 

  • You’ll want to launch with some batch content; launch with a few episodes so people can binge listen and will come back for more!
  • We decided to post bi-weekly, and then we also have a monthly meeting to plan out topics and guests.

Create workflows

  • You’ll really need this locked down if other people are involved, especially on the guest side of things. Listen to the episode to hear our exact process for managing guest bookings!
  • You may also need to factor email marketing, social media, show notes, publishing to website, etc. into your workflows.

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How We Started Our Podcast

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