July 13, 2021

Building an Inclusive Business with Abigail Gibbons, Founder & CEO of The WOW Series

Show Notes

Abigail Gibbons is the founder and CEO of The WOW Series, a diverse speaker and interview series that works to advance professionals & entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to be heard on our podcast, YouTube channel, and virtual panel discussions. Abigail has guided many professional women in how to manage and start a side hustle while balancing a 9-5 and in return has helped prove to corporate companies understand the value of entrepreneurial employees. A connector at heart, she has created a global community of changemakers and facilitated activism and entrepreneurship among professionals around the world. She has worked with companies of the likes of Facebook, Merrill Lynch, SAP, and Northwestern Mutual to Six Degrees Society, US Two Tea, Kulfi Beauty, iFundWomen, Ask Tia, and more. 

I chatted with Abigail about why she started The WOW Series, how she’s built a company based on inclusivity, and we had a couple of LOL corporate moments in between.

Abigail is offering Per The Contract listeners a free ticket to a WOW Series Event, just use the code wowguest at checkout.

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