Anneliese Gartner

Business Strategist, Agency Owner, Globe Trotter

Back in May of 2017, Anneliese began Apto Media Co. as a side hustle. She  working full-time at NBCUniversal, but headed home every night to put in LATE hours for her baby business. Weekends? Not a thing! Finally, in 2018 Anneliese turned in that beautiful 2 weeks notice and took Apto Media full-time. While their services have changed over the years, Apto’s main goal has remained consistent: to help small businesses succeed, adapt and grow.⠀

As her own business grew, Anneliese knew that it was time to also grow her team, and she ended up connecting with her co-hostess Georgia after posting in a Facebook group job looking for a web designer…and now they have a podcast together! Anneliese is excited to not only pull back the curtain on her own entrepreneurial journey, but also chat with entrepreneurs across industries. She believes that we 𝘢𝘭𝘭 have something to learn from one another, and our shared experiences are empowering.

Get to Know Me

I lived in Paris for a year, and Thailand for seven months.

My favorite meal is a McFlurry with M&Ms. Lunch. Dinner. Always acceptable.

I've seen every episode of Law & Order SVU.

I can speak French, and I'm learning Spanish.

I modeled for seven years!