July 2, 2021

17 Things To Do To Start A Business

Show Notes

The Per The Contract podcast is back! In today’s episode, Anneliese goes over 17 things to do to start a business and ways to run it effectively. This episode is best for new businesses just getting started and seasoned businesses that may feel there’s something missing to make their business grow. If you have any questions, Anneliese is open to answering them on Instagram @perthecontract

17 Things To Do To Start A Business

#1 Get your Mindset ready

#2 Decide on an idea. 

#3 Start Saving

#4 Hire a Business Strategist

#5 Look at your competitors

#6 Decide on who you want to work with

#7 Back into the money

#8 Choose a business name

#9 Once you’ve chosen a business name file for a legal business structure 

#10 Decide how you’re going to “sell” your brand

#11 Separate your expenses

#12 Tell everyone about your business

#13 Re-evaluate & Improve

#14 Start creating systems

#15 Create contracts

#16 Find an accountant

#17 Set Those Boundaries

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17 Things To Do To Star A Business - Episode #17

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